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Royals at the Break from James Schneider

We have our first outside contribution this week on "For Your Entertainment" it comes from a good friend of mine and an expert on anything Kansas City related. The one and only James Schneider joins us to give us his take on the Kansas City Royals at the MLB All-Star break. He will break down what he has seen from the Royals in the first half of the season and where he sees them going in the second half; tomorrow you will all see my take on the Cardinals at the break in a separate post. So without further ado James Schneider's take on the Royals:

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Nick DugganComment
Draft Hot Take: NBA vs MLB

Like I promised last week here is my take on the differences between drafting in the NBA and the MLB and which franchises do it best:

Drafting in professional sports is one of the most difficult things to do; or I should say one of the most difficult things to do successfully. Every year professional sports around the country host a draft consisting mainly of college athletes and in some leagues international athletes and possibly high school kids. Each league has their own draft intricacies and expectations of the players who are drafted. Today I am going to dive a little deeper into the NBA and MLB drafts.

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draftNick Duggan
NBA Draft 2017

The NBA Draft is on Thursday June 22nd in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center; (home of the Nets who will not be relevant for the next decade) that much we are sure of but after the start it could be complete mayhem. This is the first year I can remember with so many questions and trade rumors swirling around the draft, there really is no consensus #1 guy. We have already seen the #1 overall pick traded from the Celtics to the Sixers, with the Celtics getting the #3 pick and future picks.  Most people have Markelle Fultz going #1 but what if the Sixers traded for the #1 pick to take Lonzo Ball, who the Lakers covet at #2?….

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