The Crew


is a tech savvy south city hoosier who lacks the basic understanding of a joke, & has a memory remember rate of around 8%. he prefers ketchup on his eggs & believes the best way to judge a restaurant is by their nachos.

he has a weird obsession with horror content & immediately attempts to sweat out any form of illness.

Duggs will entertain/most likely love any conspiracy theory possible. The more ridiculous the better.


a.k.a. Killa K, is the most un-credible person ever born. His love of cheese knows no bounds, & word on the street is he even puts it on his pancakes.

his love for conspiracy theories comes from the chip implanted in him at hatching. He once slammed a revolving door & prefers hard tacos over soft.

Killa doesn't do personal social media (sociopath?)...but he does run the twitter account so let him know how you feel!!!


Tim Griffard has a life long accuracy percentage of over 85%. He is a constant source of inspiration to his co-hosts as well as the population at large.

he enjoys REPEATEDLY losing in foosball & knows way way way too much about game of thrones & harry potter.

Griff loves both bad dad jokes & bad conspiracy theories, but rarely ever laughs at them or believes anything theory related.



Kyle Foshe is one of those guys that becomes best friends with the dog at every party. His love for superhero movies & Jason Statham is unparalleled.

he is full of random overall knowledge, especially useless sports info, making him the guy you want at your trivia table.

He believes his main man Nic Cage is always a good conversation starter & will be the guy requesting Gettin’ Jiggy With It at your wedding reception…you’re welcome.