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The Ultimate Guide to 3 Point Celebrations

There are multiple three point celebrations in basketball but which ones are the best? Lucky for you I did the research and all you have to do is read this post; welcome to the ultimate guide to the three point celebration! Each celebration was put to the test using these metrics: the level of disrespect the celebration shows, the creativeness of the celebration, how often the celebration has been imitated, and the difficulty of the celebration. I did a little work to try and find out who started the celebration as well which was pretty fun. One of the major points of these celebrations is knowing when to use them, if you hit a game winning three then by all means pull one of these out, but if your down by 15 and use one of these you're a fool... the moment has to be just right.


1. Three Point Goggles:


     a. Originator: It seems like this move has been around for a long time so finding the first person to use this was a little difficult, however it is definitely Nick Young's go to move in the NBA now. 

     b. Level of Disrespect: This is a pretty classy, fun, and harmless move. You're not hurting the team by lagging back on defense and the other team might not even realize you did the move. Just because it's low on disrespect doesn't mean it won't get the crowd fired up if you use it right.

     c. Creativeness: Using the "3 point symbol" with your hands and creating goggles is not incredibly creative but the simplicity still gets the point across.

     d. Imitated: EVERYONE uses this move, from high school up to the pros you will see the three point goggles on any court

  e. Difficulty: Like the creativity, this one is super simple and a toddler can do it but if you use it at the right time the crowd and your teammates will love it.

Jason Terry GIF.gif

2. Three Point Jet:

     a. Originator: Jason "the Jet" Terry 

     b. Disrespect: Running around the court bent over using your arms as airplane wings with the "3" symbol on your hands? In my book that would probably upset your opponent and their fans. If the Jet is on your team and he uses this celebration you know he just hit a massive shot.

     c. Creativeness: If Jason Terry is the true originator of this move, I rank this high for creativity. He is a great three point shooter and he incorporated his name into his signature move. Right on Jet

     d. Imitated: Terry is still playing in the NBA somehow so you don't see other guys use his move very often but I think I have see JR Smith use it a time or two.

 e. Difficulty: We have all made the airplane symbol when we were kids so this move isn't terribly difficult just bend at the waist and zig zag around the court like an airplane.

Russell GIF.gif

3. Three Point Guns:
     a. Originator: Like the three point goggles it was hard to find the first person to do this move but a lot of my research led me to Russell Westbrook using it early in his career. 

     b. Disrespect: This one is downright disrespectful. Using your hands as guns, blowing the imaginary smoke from the barrels, then holstering them... damn, that might cause the other team to take a timeout.

     c. Creativeness: I enjoy this celebration and find it pretty creative, there are multiple parts to it and it is guaranteed to get the crowd going and kill the other team. You know you are on fire when you pull this celebration out.

     d. Imitated: This one isn't used as often as some of the other celebrations which is a real bummer, someone needs to dust the three point guns off and bring them back.

     e. Difficulty: It's simple yet complex, there are multiple parts and each one has to be executed right and in the correct order for the celebration to work. 

4. Cooking/Stirring the Pot:
     a. Originator: James Harden from Lil' B

     b. Disrespect: With this celebration you are signaling to the other team that you are starting to heat up, which is nice of you to do but also bad for the other team

     c. Creativeness: Lil' B apparently started this one but Harden brought it to the NBA and it has become his move. Lil' B gave Harden his permission to use it and the Houston crowd loves when Harden starts cooking.

     d. Imitated: There are a few variations of this move but be careful if Lil' B sees it he might lay down his curse and then you are in serious trouble.

     e. Difficulty: It should be a fairly simple celebration but screw it up and you will look absolutely ridiculous.

Carmelo GIF.gif

5. Three to the Head:
     a. Originator: Carmelo Anthony

     b. Disrespect: I had to add this one to the list because I love Melo but it's been a rough year for him and you haven't seen this to often. The celebration isn't necessarily disrespect but Melo being stuck on the Knicks all those years was.

     c. Creativeness: Creating your own move definitely earns you a few points here but in all honesty, this a pretty simple move.

     d. Imitated: This is one of those moves you will see in all levels of basketball, go to the YMCA and some guy will probably start doing it after he hits a few threes. Keep dreaming d bag. 

     e. Difficulty: Probably the easiest move to use on this list

Steph GIF.gif

6. Chest Tap and Point to the Sky/Three Point Gods:
     a. Originator: Steph Curry

     b. Disrespect: If Steph drills a deep three and does this, just know you have been warned and are in for a long night.

     c. Creativeness: Steph makes so many threes so he doesn't need to be overly creative and anything more than this would be over the top. This is also one of the only celebrations that doesn't incorporate the three symbol.

     d. Imitated: Being Steph's move, no one in the NBA is going to use this unless they want Draymond kicking them in the nuts.

     e. Difficulty: Go ahead try this right now, even you can do this one. I believe in you. 

7. Three Shotgun:
     a. Originator: All my research said the Warriors were the creators of this celebration.

Three Point Shotgun.gif

     b. Disrespect: Using your arms as weapons and loading them after nailing a three? Pretty suggestive and if you use both arms look out. This is probably my favorite celebration.

     c. Creativeness: I think this is one of the most creative celebrations on this list, who would honestly think of this and incorporate it into a game of basketball?

     d. Imitated: Literally everyone uses this, go to your brother's or sister's high school game and you will see it. After that, hit up your Dad's rec league game and even he might use it. 

     e. Difficulty: This one is a little more technical than the others, make sure to practice in the mirror before using it in a game to avoid looking like a fool.

Quentin Richardson GIF.gif

8. Three Point Antennas:

     a. Originator: Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles

     b. Disrespect: Not very disrespectful but you are letting the other team know you are on your game tonight.

     c. Creativeness: Weird? Absolutely. Creative? Maybe.

     d. Imitated: This is another one you will see all over the place but it's kind of an old school move. It would be nice to see it make a comeback.

     e. Difficulty: Easy to do but if you somehow screw it up the other team might think you're nuts

JR Smith GIF.gif

9. Praise to the Three Point God:
     a. Originator: JR Smith

     b. Disrespect: One of the most disrespectful celebrations you can use in a game. When JR nails a big time shot and pulls this out the other team is usually forced to take a timeout. Just check out that GIF, this one is nuts.

     c. Creativeness: This one is pretty intricate with a lot of moving parts so it scores pretty high here, only JR could come up with this and pull it off.

     d. Imitated: No one but JR can get away with this one.

     e. Difficulty: Like I said for creativeness, this one is a serious move and unless you hit a game winning shot stay away from it.

Caron Butler GIF.gif

10. Dialing Long Distance:

     a. Originator: Caron Butler

     b. Disrespect: Stopping in your tracks after hitting a big shot and answering an imaginary phone? Doesn't sound bad but wait till someone does it to you.

     c. Creativeness: After hitting a "long distance" shot you answer a long distance call, I love it.

     d.  Imitated: I have never seen this one before and I wish someone would bring it back.

     e. Difficulty: Everyone has done this as a kid.

Sam Cassell GIF.gif

11. Big Balls:
     a. Originator: Sam Cassell

     b. Disrespect: By far the most disrespectful moves on this list. Pull this out in an NBA game and you will be getting a call from the league office with a fine.

     c. Creativeness: Making the game winning shot and showing the opposition you have big stones for taking and making the shot! I love this one too and you have to give it a few creativity points.

     d. Imitated: You hardly see this move because of the consequences but when it's done and done right everyone will lose it.

     e. Difficulty: Reach down toward your groin region and hold your enormous marbles whilst running down the court, pretty simple but watch out for your opponent coming to kick your ass.

So there you have it, the ultimate guide to three point celebrations. My two favorites have to be the three point shotgun and the big balls, what are your favorites? Did I miss something you like? Who knows what these guys will think of next. Well let me know and make sure to subscribe to the blog to get updates in your email!

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