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Fantasy Football Q&A

This week on F.Y.E. we are trying out a new format and are once again joined by The Kansas King James Schneider to answer a few questions on fantasy football. This will be the first time we have this kind of question and answer set up so let us know what you think.

James and I are in 2 fairly competitive fantasy football leagues and have been playing together for quite a few years. We both love fantasy and one of us is usually on top of our leagues when the season ends, what I am saying here is our answers are extremely valuable and we are giving them to you free of charge. Both of our leagues are drafting the weekend before the season begins so we may have an update on this post after we draft but enjoy the questions and let us know if you agree, disagree, or if there are other questions you want answers to.

1. Who are you top 3 players at each position?
Top 3 QBs: Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Cam Newton
Most people have Brady in the top 3 and I think he will be really good but I do not think he will be top 3. I also think Matt Ryan slips a little bit this year and Cam gets back to doing Cam things. I believe adding McCaffrey is huge for him and the offense as a whole takes a step forward.

Top 3 RBs: David Johnson, Le'Veon Bell (if he shows up), and LeSean McCoy
I know, I know this is not breaking news to most of you but I think these 3 guys are head and shoulders above the rest as long as Bell shows up and McCoy plays a full season. I am not big on Devonta Freeman, Melvin Gordon, or Jordan Howard. No in depth analysis on these 3 but I think they are due for a regression from last year. To me the Falcons as a whole take a step back and Howard plays for the Bears who are a complete dumpster fire.

Top 3 WRs: Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Jordy Nelson
Brown and Jones are ridiculous and barring injuries or the world turning upside they should easily lead the league in fantasy points. Nelson is a guy who is a little farther down on some people's draft board but I think he will have a huge year. The Packers have a lot of WR options but Nelson is clearly the top dog and he has Rodgers throwing it to him.

Top 3 TEs: Rob Gronkowski, Travis Kelce, Greg Olsen
We all know Gronk will probably not play a full season but when he plays he will put up monster fantasy points. I did not rank Jordan Reed in my top 3 because he is another injury prone guy so I slid Olsen in. Like I said before I think the Panthers are going to take a big step forward and Olsen will be a big factor in their success.

Top 3 QBs:
Aaron Rodgers – In the immortal words of Stephen A. Smith, “He is a baaaaaaaad Maaaaaan"
Drew Brees – Another year older and they lost Brandin Cooks, but this offense was built for fantasy and Brees just scores man.
Jameis Winston – This is my dark horse pick. He has a big wideout in Mike Evans and speed down the field in DeSean Jackson and they drafted OJ Howard. I really think Winston is going to perform well for fantasy owners this year.

Top 3 RBs:
David Johnson
Le’veon Bell
Devonte Freeman – This would have been Elliot but his suspension hurts his value

 Top 3 WRs:
Antonio Brown -Until Roethlisberger retires I don’t see this changing.
Mike Evans- As stated earlier, Jameis is going to be good and Evans is already great.
Julio Jones – The man is an animal.

Top 3 TEs:
Travis Kelce – As previously stated, I am a Chiefs fan, but Kelce is consistent and almost always available. He plays with a QB that loves his tight ends and is the main cog in the offense.
Rob Gronkowski – When on the field, he is the most dominant force in the game. No one affects preparation for the Patriots more than knowing if he is healthy. That being said, the man misses 6-8 games a year.
Greg Olsen – He did solid last year and that was with a struggling Cam and a bad offensive line. Bounce back year for Olson and company.

2. Who are some of the top rookies you are targeting?
James: I feel like this class has had a little more hype in recent memory. That could also be because I am a Chiefs fan and we drafted a QB in the first round for the first time since Todd Blackledge. In no particular order:
Leonard Fournette – He is brought in to be the lead back and Jacksonville has shown some improvements on the front line. Mix in the fact that Blake Bortles currently has the accuracy of toddler learning what throwing is, Fournette will see a heavy workload.
Joe Mixon – Mixon has the potential to blow up the Bengals offense. He was regarded as the best overall back in the class but off the field issues dropped him. I am excited to see what he brings to the table.
Corey Davis – He had a hamstring injury in camp but could be the outside threat Mariota needs to open the field. The Titans have a good running game and teams will have to stack the box to stop it. I like Davis.

Kyle: The obvious guys are Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey who are in good spots and either could win the rookie of the year which means big fantasy points. A few "off the radar" guys I think will have good years are Dalvin Cook, Joe Mixon, Corey Davis, and Zay Jones. Cook's success all comes down to the Vikings offensive line which was really bad last year, Mixon could be splitting carries in Cincy, and Davis is in Tennessee who all of a sudden have 3 or 4 really solid options. Jones is a solid prospect for Buffalo especially with Sammy Watkins gone and Jordan Matthews banged up so I think he could have a really solid year.

3. If you end up with the #1 pick of the draft who are you selecting?
Kyle: There are a number of guys you can justify for the first pick, Le'Veon Bell, Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, and David Johnson. I value RBs as the highest position in fantasy so for me I am taking Johnson, he is a workhorse with no one challenging for his carries and is a solid option out of the backfield for his QB. I like Bell a lot to but once again it depends when he shows up.

James: If I have the number one pick I take David Johnson. He literally does everything and it does not matter who is behind center. He runs, catches and scores touchdowns. He is also healthy almost all the time.

4. What are some of the best Team Names you have seen so far?
James: Pour One Out For Mahommies. Done and Done

Kyle: The best team names for me are the ones that incorporate a player on your roster or a favorite player into the name. Some of the best I have seen so far are, Dakstreet Boys, I Got A Thielen, Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood, Wentz Upon A Time, and Dalvin and The Chipmunks.

5. You have to take one of these 3 guys: Adrian Peterson, Eddie Lacy, or Marshawn Lynch, who is it?
Kyle: To start all 3 guys will have solid fantasy seasons in my opinion, but out of the 3 I am taking Lacy. This is probably the most unpopular choice but Peterson will have Mark Ingram along with him and Lynch has not played in a year. The Raiders are also a big time passing team and the last time we saw Lynch he averaged less then 4 yards a carry and 60 yards a game. I think Lacy is a talented guy and he has a lot to prove. It looks like he has kept his weight under control and we saw what he did in Green Bay in 2013 and 2014. All 3 guys are on good teams with big chances to have good years but Lacy will come out of the pack as the best fantasy option.

James: This is really just about Peterson and Lynch. Until Lacy proves that he can stay healthy and keep weight off, I don’t really rely on him for anything. I think the popular pick is Lynch because Oakland is supposed to be really good again. I am going with Peterson though. He will split carries with Ingram and he will get the majority of goal line touches. From a fantasy perspective, I think you can get him late and on the cheap and get solid production.

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