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Reminiscing the 90s! Board Games

This week on Going Off Topic we are going back to the greatest decade, the 90s. I reached out to a few friends and family members who grew up during that time to cover a few categories: Music, Movies, TV Shows, Athletes, Toys, Stores, Video Games/Board Games and Crushes from the 90s. I gave them the reins to discuss each topic whether that meant things they remember from each category, things they had or loved, things they didn’t have but wish they did. I enlisted a few returning people but most are making their blogging debut. Each day we will be covering a new category with each person’s opinion on that topic. The eighth and final category for the Going Off Topic 90s week is Boardgames so while you are with your family for the holidays pull some classic games out to play with everyone!

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I was never really big into board games but I had a few as a kid that I remember, Battleship, Clue, Hi-Ho Cherry-O, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Guess Who, and KerPlunk. We had Mouse Trap but we never played it once or even set it up. I do remember going over to my grandparents as a young child and always bringing a game to play with them and my sister. It's funny to go to a store and see all the remakes of some classic games, "Scooby-Doo Clue" "Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit" there are 100's of them now.

Clue, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Guess Who?, Battleship, Candy Land, Chute and Ladders, the list goes on and on. We had some bitchen games in the 90s! Hungry Hungry Hippos was so fun, I remember loving that game and now people do it as “Hungry Hungry Humans”, no, “Human Hungry Hippos”? I’m not sure what they call it… whatever. Anyway, I’ve played it and it’s hilarious. If you have not heard of it you need to Google it because it’s awesome! Clue was also a great game and I will still play the shit out of Clue to this day. Such a challenge and so freaking sneaky! I’m all about that.


Pokemon. Enough said.


As for Boardgames we played a lot of Monopoly...even though I never remember actually finishing a game. 

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