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Reminiscing the 90s! Stores


This week on Going Off Topic we are going back to the greatest decade, the 90s. I reached out to a few friends and family members who grew up during that time to cover a few categories: Music, Movies, TV Shows, Athletes, Toys, Stores, Video Games/Board Games and Crushes from the 90s. I gave them the reins to discuss each topic whether that meant things they remember from each category, things they had or loved, things they didn’t have but wish they did. I enlisted a few returning people but most are making their blogging debut. Each day we will be covering a new category with each person’s opinion on that topic. The sixth category for the Going Off Topic 90s week is Stores!

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Blockbuster is the big one I remember, we would go as a family and be there for quite a while as my Dad walked down every aisle looking at his options. It was like a family trip that had to be planned out. Another store I remember but I don’t think I ever went in was Grandpa Pidgeon’s, I have no idea what was in the store but there was one by my house. Circuit City and Radio Shack were also great stores that are no longer in business.


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Blockbuster, dELiA*s and the Disney Store are three stores that come to mind when I think of the 90s. I remember frequenting Blockbuster (R.I.P.) back when you could still rent VHS tapes. It got so damned expensive towards the end of it’s life and Netflix and RedBox came around and Blockbuster slowly died. Netflix is so much better though. dELiA*s was one of my favorite clothing stores (I also got a nightstand from here… I guess they did furniture too?) and I’m pretty positive that every cool girl got her clothes from here. It was awesome, it closed but apparently, after doing a little research, it has re-launched but is online only. The Disney Store is still open, but there used to be one in the mall I shopped at with my Grandma and it was the greatest place. It closed and it was a dark time for a while. 

BONUS: Google was founded in '98 so that's kind of a big deal..


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I remember the days of going to Blockbuster or Hollywood Video. It was like a family event, almost, with the whole family getting ready. What were you gonna get? The newest VHS (remember those? I kinda miss them) or the tried and true favorite? Who knew! You didn’t, not until you got there and strolled through the aisles upon aisles. To a kid, it was an amazing thing. How were there that many movies?? Typically, you’d get your favorite right? Something you’ve always watched and always loved. And hey, maybe this time the previous person that rented it would have rewound it. (But not likely). And then came the snacks! You’d get in line to rent all your stuff and there they are, popcorn and all kinds of candy and soda, just staring you down until you begged your mom enough to let you get some. Then, you went home and went to watch the video immediately. After rewinding it, of course. 

it, of course. 


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Even though Toys R Us is still around I feel like kids today don’t appreciate it as much. It was always a treat to go there right before Christmas. We would get a catalog and we would circle everything we wanted from Santa! 

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