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Gaming United Q&A

My little sister, Kelly, joins the Going Off Topic blog this week. She is a big gamer and answered a few questions that I sent her about some of her favorite games. If you have any questions you want answered send them over and she will check them out. She is going to have her own segment, "Gaming United" that she will write for every few weeks. If you haven't played these games she suggests checking them out immediately.

Q: What is more important to you in a video game a good story or good internet/multiplayer?

A: To me, a good story is a definite must have. If the story doesn’t go well or connect the dots, it’s not a good game. Or if it doesn’t have a story at all for single player games, I can’t get into it. To me, graphics don’t matter one bit if the story is good. A good game with an amazing storyline would either be The Last Of Us or Outlast. For multiplayer or internet multiplayer games, there’s usually not a whole lot of a storyline. For those kinda games, I just look to see if it’s a game I’ll be able to play a lot and not get tired of it. An example would be the Friday The 13th Game that came out a couple months back. That’s definitely my favorite online game. Although, one problem I have with some online games is team-killing. Most of them have taken that part out, but those who still have it in, aren’t as fun since some players think it’s funny to team kill 24/7. 

Q: The amount of replay ability/options a game has?

A: This question all depends on the game you’re wanting to replay. For example, if you’re wanting to replay The Last Of Us, it’s gonna end the same way every time. But, if you’re wanting to replay Until Dawn, you can make different choices throughout the game that can give you a different ending. I’ve replayed a couple of storyline games that I really enjoy, like Outlast and Until Dawn, but sometimes it not as fun playing when you know what is gonna happen in the end. 

Q: How important the characters are to a game? 

A: Characters are very important to a game in my mind. You have to have likable characters in a storyline game, otherwise it won’t be as fun. Some players can relate to the characters in a video game, which they really like. Characters are important to the story and they all need a different personality and maybe even different perspectives of what’s going on in the game. My favorite game with characters in a game is definitely Until Dawn. That game does a great job of giving you details and some background of the characters too, which some games don’t even bother to do. Another good game with great characters is TellTales The Walking Dead Series. Many players fall in love with the characters on the game and do their best to keep them safe.

Q: What genre of game you like the most?

A: My favorite genre of games is definitely horror. I’m a huge horror fan, no matter what it is. Horror is usually the only type of genre I play, although sometimes I do find a game that’s not in the horror genre I wanna play. Outlast and Outlast 2 are my top two favorite horror games by far. The first one is set in an insane asylum, so you can imagine how frightening and terrifying that is. They both do an amazing job of keeping you interested in what’s going to happen next and both have a bunch of unexpected jumps areas throughout the game. Another favorite horror game of mine would be Until Dawn. That game is set on a family’s house on a lonely mountain, with a killer on the loose. That game has many unexpected things happen, and it even has choices that could result in life or death of a character. 

Q: Would you rather have a good storyline or good graphics?

A: To me, like I said before, a good story is one of the most important things a video game can have. Graphics to me, don’t matter at all, although they do matter to a bunch of people. I think that as long as the game is enjoyable, it can be a good game, no matter how bad the graphics may be. 

Q: Do you prefer single-player or multiplayer games?

A: This all depends on my mood honestly. I have quite a few friends online that I play a lot of games with, like Friday The 13th and GTA online, but sometimes I like to play single player games. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing online games with my friends and all, I really do but obviously there are games that are only single player that I wanna play and get to beat. 

Q: What console do you prefer?

A: I prefer PlayStation over anything, especially PlayStation 4. There’s so many games for it and such a wide variety. I don’t know if you can get a VR (virtual reality) for other consoles, but you can get it for this one. I, myself, have never played a VR game, but I’ve always wanted to after seeing videos about it on YouTube. Even though I prefer a ps4, I’ve still had an Xbox 360 that I play sometimes, but it’s rare. 

Q: Hardest game you’ve played?

A: I’ve played a couple of harder games, but probably one of the hardest is The Uncharted Series. Those games are based on strategy and difficult strategies for the most part. Half the time, I can only play that game for about an hour or so before I can’t figure out what to do and end up quitting or rage quitting cause I keep dying or something. Another hard game, that I didn’t even come close to beating was Bloodborne. That game, I could barely play for twenty minutes without rage quitting or something. 

Q: Scariest game?

A: The scariest game I’ve played would definitely be Outlast and Outlast 2. As I said before, the first game is set in an insane asylum with crazy patients roaming around. I haven’t beaten the second one just yet, but it’s still definitely one of the scariest games. The game producers for those two games really know how to make you enthralled and terrified at the same time. 

Q: Saddest game?

A: This is a harder question, cause I don’t think I’ve played a entirely sad game. Ive definitely played games with sad parts in them though. But for this, it’s a tie between the beginning and ending of The Last Of Us, the ending of The Walking Dead Season 1 and Heavy Rain. Most people wouldn’t say Heavy Rain is a sad game, but I think it is. In this game, you play Ethan, a father of a child who gets taken by a serial killer. During the game, you get clues to where the child is at, all while going through horrible tests to get there, where you are basically killing yourself to do them. 

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