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We Need To Talk Podcast

We talk to Duggs and Keith of Anything But Credible Podcast about cryptozoology. We talk about the loch ness monster, big foot, and more!

Do you think bigfoot exist? Let us know in the comments!


Rock Paper Podcast

Anything But Credible Podcast RETURNS! I had so much fun recording this episode with Nick, Keith & Griff of Anything But Credible Podcast. It gets real silly and we talk about a lot of random weirdness. But what else would you expect from Anything But Credible!?


We Need To Talk Podcast

We talk to Duggs and Keith of Anything But Credible Podcast about cryptozoology.

What is the study of cryptozoology and what may it tell us about what lurks in our oceans? Is it valid study or are people just making things up?

What unconfirmed creature do you think is out there? Let us know in the comments!

For this episode, we bring you Duggs and Killa K from the Anything But Credible Podcast.  During this episode we discuss riveting topics that will surely enhance your life and make you a better person for listening including; the groundbreaking innovation surrounding ketchup slices, the concept of Mayo-Tard, cheesy movies and why they are so important to our way of life, the divisive line that separates those who use loofahs and those who don’t, conspiracy theories, and we even talked about podcasting.  Be sure to subscribe to the Anything But Credible Podcast where all great podcasts can be downloaded and follow these guys on social media.


Listennotes Interview



Offended Podcast

Click on any of these to check out the times we've been on The Offended Pod



Going Off Topic Blog - Dennis Quaid



Pop-Culture Bomb-Cast

We are back! And we're back to having real guests again! This time it's Bender and myself (and the floating voice of #TheFLOP) talking to the guys of the Anything But Credible podcast. So download to listen to Duggs, Keith and Griff talk to us about their favorite conspiracies, weekly weird news, and the why/how they got started. And after, head to iTunes (or Google Pl



USA Korfball

We made it on the front page of United States Korfball Federation(USKF) for having the Presi - Carl Yerge - on.  Check that episode out HERE


Rock Paper Podcast

Back in June the guys of Anything But Credible invited me on to their show to talk about what I’ve been up to and plug the Birthday Show. I wanted to return the favor and invite them on to Rock Paper Podcast to get to know them a little better. We had a lot of laughs talking about some crazy new stories, conspiracy theories, and the first year of their podcast. Lots of laughs hanging with these guys!


Going Off Topic Blog - Keanu Reeves

Duggs wrote some stuff on this dope blog.  Check it out.