Frequently Asked Questions

Our Real Life Answers

What exactly is a podcast?

Audio that is downloaded/streamed/subscribed from the internet.  In our case, a weekly audio show that can be found/obtained just about anywhere.

What makes the ABC Network better than the others?

We just want to produce cool sh** you probably haven't heard of, but need to. That covers everything from media to pop culture to dumb people doing dumb stuff and everything in between.  It might be legit & it might not be, but we guarantee at least 1 smile.

Does the ABC Network have the best podcasts out?

Obivously.  Not going to lie, that was kind of a dumb question.

Is the ABC POD a conspiracy theory podcast?

Nope.  We just like to highlight the crazy thoughts/theories that are out floating among all of us crazy people.

What can I expect from the ABC POD?

Well....crazy stuff.  Weird stuff.  Silly stuff.  Ridiculous stuff.  Real life stuff.  Real dumb news stuff.  Cool stuff.  Stuff you probably haven't heard of.  All put together a good time.  We promise that.

What can I expect from the GOT POD?

Different takes & angles on your favorite media & pop culture through fun & interesting convos you probably haven’t thought of

Where can I find/download/rate the podcasts?

Well in case you missed the 40 links on the Home can find us everywhere you get your podcasts. Here are a couple quick links:

Anything But Credible Podcast

Going Off Topic Podcast

Why would you idiots think it is a good idea to host a podcast?


Do you guys ever do anything cool/out of the podcast norm?

Besides being better than the norm, every 5th episode of the ABC POD has a special episode where we do something completely random/different than the normal show.

The GOT POD is centered around cool topics & ‘out of the norm’ angles.

Are you open to come on other pods?  Is there a chance I can come on the ABC POD or GOT POD?

Of course!!  We love collabing, especially if you do cool weird sh**.  Seriously, hit us up.