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Ep 112 - Smithsonian's GIANT Secret

How many cheeses can you name in 30 seconds?(28:17) Have you ever wanted to legally change your age?(23:38) Can you solve 3 Rubik's cubes simultaneously?(33:28) All of this weirdness and more this week, including a secret Theory of the Week(47:22)

Ep 111 - The Ballad of Andrew W.K.

What are your thoughts about rectangular icebergs?(9:18) Do you know anybody who would legit marry a ghost?(23:35) How far would you go for some solid gold hunting?(29:06) All of this weirdness and more this week, including a rocking Theory of the Week.(34:26)

Special Ep 110 - Halloween Quizzes

It's Halloween week so we took to random Halloween quizzes to test our knowledge of the amazing holiday.(12:59)

Ep 3 - Shark Tank

Is Shark Tank on your top 10 favorite TV show list?  Top 3?  Number 1?  Why not?  Today on GOT.....the greatness of Shark Tank.

Ep 2 - Lil Wayne Discography

The Carter V is finally out, but is it worth the 7 year wait?  To answer that question Foshe & Duggs spent the last week listening to nothing but Lil Wayne and digging through his immense discography.

Ep 1 - Alternate Universe - McConaughey vs. Cage

What if two of your favorite actors/actresses switched careers?  What if every career role was switched?  Would that make these movies better or worse?  Would their careers be better or worse?  Would there be an impact on the film industry as a whole?  Today we look at all of this and more, but specifically, Matthew McConaughey vs. Nic Cage.