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Ep 132 - Gooilluminati

Who would you want to RKO?(19:01) What would you use a t-shirt cannon/gun for?(25:52) What's your worst Roomba story?(29:16) All of this weirdness and more this week, including a browsing Theory of the Week.(42:20)

Ep 131 - Formerly Flat Earth Theory

What's the dumbest thing you've done with your best friend?(29:08)Which musical genre of cheese would you want most?(35:40) What is the biggest item you've ever stolen?(40:44) All of this weirdness and more this week, including a truffle truthing Theory of the Week.(47:44)

Special Ep 130 - Would You Rather App

No theory. No weirdness. Just some would you rather questions.(20:40)

Anticipation Movie Index

Everyone loves a good movie, but how many will you actually see in theaters?  Which ones will be just okay enough to wait until you can stream it?  What helps build the different levels of anticipation, especially enough to get you in that theater?  Today we go off topic by looking forward to some of the highly anticipated films 2019 will bring.

1997 Island

What if you were able to hang out on an island with your favorite media from a certain year?  What would you choose and why?  Specifically, which TV show, which film, which musical group, which athlete, & which video game would you bring with you?  This week we go of topic by choosing all of these for the year 1997.

3 Point Celebration Guide

Celebrations are a part of sports.  With the NBA continuing to grow as a shooting league, 3 point celebrations have become a staple in the game.  What are the first celly's that pop in your head?  How did they start and what do they mean?  Are they meant to be disrespectful?  Today we go off topic by celebrating some of our favorite 3 point celebrations.