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Special Ep 145 - Music IQ

How much do you love 7-Elevens?(21:38) Would you ever buy bath water?(25:44) What would you use the Bigfoot defense for?(29:48) All of this weirdness and more this week, including a mental Theory of the Week.(42:36)

Special Ep 145 - Music IQ

This week we step up our music trivia with Foshe and the Music IQ Card Game.

Ep 146 - The Antichrist Algorithm

Are you storming Area 51?(12:47) Have you ever licked a random object and put it back?(33:45) What's the weirdest thing you've mistaken traffic noises for?(37:18) All of this weirdness and more this week, including an algorithmic Theory of the Week.(43:05)

The All-Action Team

The National Basketball Association has All-NBA teams that cover multiple categories. What if we took this idea and applied it to Hollywood, more specifically, to action movie stars? Today we go off topic and discuss our All-Action Team.

2004 Island

What if you were able to hang out on an island with your favorite media from a certain year? What would you choose and why? Specifically, which TV show, which film, which musical act, which athlete, & which video game would you bring with you? This week we go of topic by choosing all of these for the year 2004.

The Vince Vaughn Universe

Have you ever watched a string of a certain actor or actress' movies and thought that they could all be set within the same universe? Today we go off topic within the Vince Vaughn Universe.