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Ep 137 - Bands of the Crown/Paul Walk-happened?

Bite size episode this week. 0 weirdness. 2 theories.(5:25/14:26)

Ep 136 - Good Boy Search

What's the worst bumper sticker you've seen?(16:08) What's the weirdest thing you've pulled out of your pants?(22:15) How many tolls have you skipped?(28:14) All of this weirdness and more this week, including a good Theory of the Week.(35:45)s

Special Ep 135 - Bowl of Randomness

This week is a special episode so we threw some random topics into a bowl and talked.(3:32)

NBA Blacktop Team

If you could form your pickup squad made of 5 current NBA players, who would you choose?  Who would not necessarily be the best, but instead the most fun to play with?  Today we go off topic by building our most fun NBA blacktop team.

Timeless Actors

Some actors stick around after their time.  Some are timeless and last forever.  Which actors/actresses fall into your timeless category?  Are there any current actors already in that category?  Which young actors/actresses are on the timeless path?  Today we go off topic by listing out some of our timeless actors.

Would You Rather App

Would you rather questions are always a solid conversation starter, but sometimes they can also propel you down into a deep discussion.  Today we go off topic with the Anything But Credible Podcast and the Would You Rather App.