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Ep 129 - Scally (DARPA/Facebook Coincidence)

What is the correct term for the package Oreos come in?(15:28) How good are you at hide and seek?(29:30) How much would you pay for a ship wrecked beer?(34:18) All of this weirdness and more this week, including a coincidental Theory of the Week.(41:52)

Ep 128 - Newton (Tesla's Hidden Files)

Have you ever lost a lottery ticket?(36:02) When's the last time you read all the fine print?(42:02) What type of animal would you want to be your mayor?(46:45) All of this weirdness and more this week, including an inventive Theory of the Week.(52:50)

Ep 127 - Conspiracy Provocateur

How do pet pigs work?(22:12) What would it take to fake your own kidnapping?(40:35) What is the most you'd pay for a piece of fruit?(45:17) All of this weirdness and more this week, including a cultish Theory of the Week.(59:05)

Genre Debate

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to the media they consume.  Throughout that consumption certain genres rise to the top while others fall to the bottom of the list.  What are your favorite genres for each media type?  What about when those genres are crossed over different formats?  This week we go off topic by debating the better genre: TV Sitcoms or Horror Films.

Action Star Deathmatch

Everyone loves action movies, especially the iconic action characters we have all come to love.  What if you were able to put these characters against each other in an all out Hunger Games style deathmatch?  Who would win and why?  What would the match up pros and cons be from the characters selected?  This week we go off topic by throwing John McClane, John Wick, Lorraine Broughton, & Rambo into the equation.

Stage Names

Stage names have been around for a while, but are especially prevalent throughout Hollywood today.  What would make someone choose a stage name?  What methods would you choose to create your own?  Today we go off topic by running through some of our favorite Hollywood stage names and why they might've made the name they have.