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Apple EarPod Theory

Where is the squatchiest place you've been lately?(13:00) What would you do with a golden toilet?(45:35) Should pilots drink coffee?(50:28) All of this weirdness and more this week, including a corded Theory of the Week.(59:34)

Timmy Tries To Make A Cult

What would you be wiling to sue your neighbors for?(18:45) Would you ever sue an animal?(24:48) What's your pig herding strategy?(28:44) All of this weirdness and more this week, including a resistant Theory of the Week.(35:52)

Another 2012 Theory

What's your favorite dad cut?(17:05) What's your dream license plate?(29:45) How hard have you karoked?(34:38) All this weirdness and more this week, including a simulating Theory of the Week.(52:09)

Character Deathmatch 2

Everyone loves creature features and comic book movies. What if you took characters from those movies and pitted them against each other in a battle royale situation? Today we go off topic by throwing the Predator, the Terminator, Deadpool, & Wolverine in this Hunger Games like situation.

Media Check In 2

What have you been watching/listening/streaming/gaming lately? Today we go off topic and share what we've been into in hopes you can find some new content to check out.

The All-Action Team

The National Basketball Association has All-NBA teams that cover multiple categories. What if we took this idea and applied it to Hollywood, more specifically, to action movie stars? Today we go off topic and discuss our All-Action Team.